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Teen Patti Earn Money: Don’t Go Past These 15 Tricks To Turn Your Bad Luck Into Real Money

Teen Patti Earn Money

Very many Players know about Teen Patti Earn Money, some play to entertainment, and some consider it as the place to get money. But everything is have tricks about it, and do you ever heard about Teen Patti Earn Money tricks before? There are 15 tricks you must know to earn money easier from Teen Patti.

1. Learn the rules

The rules is the important thing you must to know and master when you want to win at somethings. Once you’ve mastered all the rules, you’ll know what moves you need to make at any point in the game. Remember, learn the game’s rules before starting to play it to make sure the winning is in your hand.

2. Practice first

No one is born to master something, only practice will makes you a master at it. There is many sites allow you to play Teen Patti Free, keep practicing at these sites, improve your skills, learn all the moves before you get enough confident to join a Real Teen Patti Earn Money. Playing without practicing only makes your money fly away from your pocket.


3. Control yourself

Everyone has money issue, the more money they win, the more desires they have. Avoid being greedy and focus on opponent move, you will never know where the trap is, and you will only know when you lose all your money. That why you must be calm and take a vision on your opponent, have a nice move to defeat them.

4. Small bets at First rounds in Teen Patti Earn Money

Teen Patti Make Money is not a short game, there are many rounds to play, initially you need to bet the smallest amount, lower risk means your chances of winning are higher. Only bet high amounts whenever you feel you can win.

5. Risk with intelligent

Not every game you have to start with a small amount of money, in a certain game, bet once with a large amount of money, making your opponent think that you have a strong hand, they might fold. But use it wisely, your risk does not always pay off, if you have a chance to have a strong hand then your opponent also has it, and their hand is even stronger than your. So be careful before deciding to take risks, sometimes your risk is exactly what your opponent wants.

6. Hide your Emotion

A Poker Face – Known as a Blank face that show nothing of your feeling, emotion. Try to use this, your opponent will not understand you and can’t guess what hand do you have. With this you can confuse your opponent and make your plan easier. However, you can’t use Poker face when playing Teen Patti Earn Money Online, because your face is hide under your Profile’s avatar.

7. Arrange your time

You will say that there is nothing really connecting between Playing Games and Scheduling Time, but that is absolutely true. Playing for a long time can weaken your thinking, causing many wrong decisions. So please arrange your time, rest more reasonably, and keep your mind clearly after each match.

8. Learn to Bluff

Not all the time you must to Fold when you have weak hand, try Bluff, confusing other players with your own style, simply is betting a higher amount (Raise) than them. This will cause your opponent to stop and start thinking what possible hand that you have. If you have a clear plan, your Bluff will success and you get money, but, as i said, be wisely or give your wallet to your opponents.


9. Bait your opponents

Most of Players bet a highest amount when they have a high hand, that is wrong way and bring not any results. Betting with a high amount will onlt make your opponents to fold their cards, and you have nothing but some small number of chips. Stay calm, take your opponent to your trap step by step, making the pot grow bigger round by round, and at the end of the game, when all the cards are revealed, you will win a huge pot, a large amount of chips.

10. Put an eye on your Opponents

In any battle or tournament, take a vision from your opponents, learn to understand there style, their moves, if you can do it, your winning chance is 60% already. Understanding your opponents is the best way to win, nothing is easier than every moves, every plan of your opponents are already in your hand. At this point, all you do is just plan to lead them into your trap.

11. Learn from the Better

Every game will have the master, who you will very hard to beat. And don’t afraid or quit, let take a look on their move. Every battle isn’t just for beat enemy, you can learn from them. You lose with their surprising move? Next time do it with other Players and take you money back. The high mountain will have the higher, no one is perfect, so learn what they master and turn it your.

12. Never make a decisions based on your feeling

This is a biggest wrong if you decide something base on your emotion. When you playing Teen Patti Earn Money and make a move just because you feel it’s needed, better give your wallet to your opponents and go home or close the game. Decide something base on emotion is not help you better, because 90% of them is wrong decision. So, if you don’t want to lose your money, better put your emotion aside.

13. Control you money

Try to lose small of your money. Most of Famost Teen Patti Earn Money Player know how to decrease their lost and increase their win, that why they got rich.

14. Don’t scare about lose

Everyone have wrong decisions, even God. So don’t focus on how to win and you will scared the lose, focus on how to decrease the lose money. That’s different.

15. Choose a Trustworthy Site

And of course, Play Teen Patti Earn Money with the Trustworthy site, there is so much fake game nowadays, which you just only put you money on and never get back. So be smarter when choosing site to play. If you haven’t know how to choosing a trustworthy site, go there for more infor: How To Find A Trustworthy Source To Play

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