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Teen Patti Gold: A Giant Gold Mine Waiting To Be Exploited

Teen patti gold

It’s no exaggeration to say that Teen Patti Gold is a Giant Gold Mine, because it is. Not any Online casino game have a high chance of winning for Players like Teen patti, and what’s Players win? It’s cash, the real cash, real money. With simple rules, easy-to-learn gameplay, attractive features, and especially, you can play with friends, make some new friends from other countries and languages, Teen Patti Gold has now become world phenomenon, attract thousands of Players come and join the community. Let’s find out a little information about Teen Patti Gold – a giant gold mine.

The beginning of Teen Patti Gold

Originated from India, now Teen Patti Gold has become very popular and known by Players all over the world, mostly in South Asian Countries, India and many card game fans from many countries. This game brings a fresh twist to the traditional card game and allows you to play against real players on the internet around the world. Furthermore, the game is available in multiple Indian languages, including Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, etc … , and many different language from other country.

Due to World Series of Poker, Teen Patti Gold offers a version of the card game originating from the Indian subcontinent, which is played with Three cards and simple rules. With that game, even newbie and people who have never played card game before can understand and play the game within a minute, but to master the game, patience and time are required.

Keep the classic of Teen Patti

The basic principles of the classic Teen Patti card game are followed in Teen Patti Gold. Still using 52-card deck (without the jokers), and 3-6 Players per table, 3 cards per players. It’s still a game that mixes between skill and luck, still have the Psychological strategies to deliver thrilling experiences and unpredictable surprises. Players will experience the game in the most classic way.

Teen Patti Gold also includes fair play principles and anti-cheat protections to provide a safe and trustworthy gaming environment.

Play and earn real cash

As said at the beginning, Playing Teen Patti Gold can bring real money for you, as long as you have skill and good plan. With this option, the game bring excitement, interesting and helps Player enjoy the game in the best way.

But remember, because this is real cash game, you need to use your own money to win other’s money, so you have to careful and plan wisely, or your money will turn into opponent’s pocket, you know the deal!

But you don’t need to worry, if you are not confident with your skills, there are Free tournaments that do not require money, initially you will have a number of chips, all you have to do is practice and improve your skills, to gain proper confidence before playing real money games.

Free chips and bonus

To attract and increase player’s interesting, improve the experience, Teen Patti Gold have several event and bonus that give Player free chips, which are little help and Gratitude for Players. Free chips can be earn by several ways, most likely are:

  • Daily rewards: Log in game daily for the bonus.
  • Invite friend: Invite your Friends to join Teen Patti Gold and you will get free chips whenever they sign up.
  • Achievement: Complete several in-game achievements to receive rewards.
  • Special milestones: Like Achievements, there are many Milestones and whenever you reach it, you’ll get a bonus.
  • Time-limitted event: At some moment or celebration, the game will Participate some event with free chips and bonuses to Players.

Turn on game’s notification and follow in social media, email to not skip and events or any bonuses from Teen Patti Gold.

Some tips for you

There are some tips to decrease your lose rate, and get more cash when play real money game:

  • Plan a budget: Determine a budget for your game and follow it. Avoid chasing losses or exceeding your limits.
  • Take a break: Be wisely, arrange your time while playing to clear your mind.
  • Don’t make decisions based on emotions: Actually a lot of Players have done it before and almost all of them lost a large amount of money. Be careful with your decisions, your money depends on it.


There are many people who became rich thanks to this Gold Mine. But not every gold mine gives you gold and you become rich, money depend on your choice, depend on how much wisely you have, depend on how much you can control yourself. It is a gold mine but also a trap if you are not careful, calm and cannot control yourself. Be wisely!

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