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Lightning Roulette: Feel The Lightning Strike In Every Spin

Feel the excitement, thrill and drama in each spin of Lightning Roulette. This electric variant has taken the classic casino to a new level, making it a favorite for players who seek a fast-paced and high-rewarding experience.

Lightning Roulette
Lightning Roulette: Feel The Lightning Strike In Every Spin

Lightning Roulette: The Lightning Variant of Classic Roulette

Created by Evolution Gaming, Lightning Roulette brings fast-paced, more thrilling features than its origin, the classic roulette. The game is a based-on-luck casino game, with the results absolutely random, bringing to it dramatic and surprising features for players.

The game is a combination of the classic Roulette wheel and lightning graphics and sound, bringing players thrilling emotions and a fast-paced rhythm, keeping them excited in every round.

How The Game Work?

The game still keeps the basic rule of classic roulette, with a roulette wheel and a small ball spinning around and then landing on a random number with various betting types such as a single number, group of numbers, color or odds/evens. But before the wheel spins, LIGHTNING STRIKES!

There are some new features added to this lightning variant of classic Roulette to make the game more exciting and full of surprises. Those are: Lucky Number and Multipliers.

While the ball is spinning, the Dealer will pull a lever to choose from 1 – 5 random numbers with random multipliers ranging from x50 to a massive x500. You can win these numbers and multipliers by betting on individual numbers, meaning placing bets on each number, called straight-up bet, not by group, color or odds/evens.

The Lucky Numbers is absolutely random and is generated by the Random Number Generation (RNG) System, as well as other games made by Evolution Gaming to secure the Fairplay to all players.

The Advantages of Lightning Roulette Online

The Advantages of Lightning Roulette Online
The Advantages of Lightning Roulette Online

Lightning Roulette provides unique gameplay, combining the classic with the new lightning features, make it more exciting and satisfying. Here are the reasons why this game would be your next favorite live casino:

Classic Gameplay

Although there are new features, new gameplay and a new interface, Lightning Roulette Online still be played based on classic roulette. Still those wheels, balls, numbers and colors, Lightning Roulette brings a new style yet similar for online casino members.

No Pain, No Gain

With the Lucky Number only winning by straight up bets, put players in a high-risk situation. But with the word “No Pain, No Gain“, players who dare to risk will have a chance to win a massive multiplier.

The chance to win a massive multiplier on straight-up bets adds layers of excitement and satisfaction that you never find in classic roulette.

Fast-paced Action

Adapting to the new era, when people chase against time, Lightning Roulette has shortened the time that basic roulette has, adjusting the pace of the ball to fit with the Lucky Number round, so that when those numbers are revealed, the ball will land after a second.

Tips and Tricks To Play Lightning Roulette Live

Tips and Tricks To Play Lightning Roulette Live
Tips and Tricks To Play Lightning Roulette Live

Of course, there are some Lightning Roulette tricks to improve your chance to win in each round. Here are 3 tips you should know:

Balance Your Bets

Consider combining Straight up bets with Group bets to increase your chance, cover the numbers as much as you can. Obviously, each gaming site and casino has its own unique rules, remember to read them first to avoid violation.

Straight Up Strategy

If you want a big win, then use this strategy. Choose your number and praise it will be chosen to be a Lucky Number, and of course, the ball will land on this number. Keep in mind that the Lucky Number has the same rate of landing as other numbers on the wheel.

According to experienced players, in each round, you need to choose 5-15 numbers to bet and adjust your betting amount to suit your bankroll.

Entertainment Is Core

Above everything, remember this is just a game, and you should feel the thrilling, exciting and unexpected features of the game instead of focusing on how to get more money. Set a budget, take responsibility and have fun with the electric atmosphere.


What are you waiting for? Come and try this online casino game, and feel the lightning strike in every spin on Lightning Roulette Live. Just remember, to earn the greater reward, you must take a bigger risk. Play wisely and maybe you’ll have a massive win in the next round!

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