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Play Lightning Roulette Online, Best Roulette Game 2024

The best Roulette casino game in 2024 is called Lightning Roulette Online. The lightning version has gained a huge amount of players since it was created. In this article, ekcricket will delve into this game and its tips and tricks to easily win.

Lightning Roulette Online 

Lightning Roulette Online
Lightning Roulette Online

Mixed between world-class Live Roulette and the thrill of RNG gameplay, Lightning Roulette created by Evolution Gaming upgrades the experience of Roulette games to a new level. Still that wheel, the ball, and the colors, everything will make you feel familiar with the classic one, and then the game will lead you through the thrilling and unique round: Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts

This most dramatic round of the game will give you a chance to multiply your money with a massive number of up to 500x! With fast-paced playstyle, HD resolution, and lightning graphics and sound, everything in Lightning Roulette Online will satisfy you in the best way. Join 1cric now to play the most exciting casino game – Lightning Roulette Online!


Lucky Number and Lucky Payout

The target of Lightning Roulette Online is to predict and place one or more bets in the number that the ball will land later. The wheel includes the numbers from 0-36, with various betting types and each type has its own payout rate.

After the betting round, the host will go to a lever and pull it to generate 1-5 Lucky Numbers. These lucky numbers were generated by RNG (Random Number Generation), ensuring the fair and absolutely based on the luck of the Lightning Roulette Online. After the Lucky Numbers are shown, there will be a Lucky Layout, which uses the same RNG system to generate. These payouts will have a value from a minimum of 50x to a maximum of 500x. 

How to win the Lucky Numbers in Lightning Roulette Online?

To win the Lucky Numbers, you need to place a straight-up bet on those numbers. If the numbers you covered by a Straight Up bet are among the Lucky Numbers, your bet will multiply by the Lucky Payout. The lucky numbers will not be valid if you place other bets such as Corners, Red/Black, Dozen Bets,… 

Other numbers that are not a Lucky Number will have the payout of 30:1, all the other betting types will have the same payout as classic Roulette.

10 Tips and Tricks For You to Play Lightning Roulette Online

Play Lightning Roulette Online is mostly based on luck as the unpredictable and random numbers. Hence, you need to equip yourself with a strategy to enhance your winning chances and decrease your risk.

  1. Understand the Rules: These are the Basic Tips before playing any game. Knowing the rules helps you avoid being penalized. Otherwise, mastering the rules will help you find the easy way to win.
  2. Use Straight Up Bets: The Straight Up Bets will give you huge odds when you win, besides having a chance to win the Lucky Numbers. 
  3. Balance Betting: Combining inside and outside bets to minimize your loss.
  4. Manage Bankroll: Set a budget to control your losing amount. 
  5. Be Calm: Remember this is just for entertainment, do not be upset because of loss. The more you are upset, the more money you lose.
  6. Using Lightning Roulette Tracker: These trackers include Lightning Roulette Stats in the last spins or times. Nowadays, there are many websites that provide you with these trackers.
  7. Do not use the Fibonacci or Martingale Strategies: These strategies did not work with roulette, and they made you lose more.
  8. Learn the odds of Bet Types: Lightning Roulette Online Game has several types of bets and each of them has different payouts. Knowing it all will help you a lot to win the house.
  9. Lucky Numbers hunting: Many Lightning Roulette players using it. You can use the trackers to predict the next Lucky Numbers. This strategy has high risk but also a higher payout.
  10. Play Lightning Roulette Online in 1cric: Playing in 1cric, you will never need to worry about your safe of money, also the odds here are higher than many other casino sites.


This is everything you need to know before playing Lightning Roulette Online. Join the for more information and strategies. Remember to play Lightning Roulette on 1cric for the best results.


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