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Crazy Time Bet Tracker – Statistic, Test Your Strategy

Crazy Time Bet Tracker is a platform that provides crazy time statistics, and results of the last game to support players to have a better strategy and win more money.

Crazy Time Bet Tracker

What is Crazy Time Bet Tracker?

Crazy Time created by Evolution Gaming is a Live Casino Game Program that allows players to win huge prizes and play four exciting bonus games: Coin Flip, Pachinko, Crazy Time Bonus, and Cash Hunt to multiply up to 25,000 times your base bet. This online slot machine is built on the greatest successful Dream Catcher money wheel concept. The strategies for Crazy Time are based on optimal RTP and probability, where you bet on how much risk you are willing to take relative to the reward. This is how the Tracker Crazy Time begins.

What is Crazy Time Bet Tracker

Crazy Time Bet Tracker is the live game tools that allow you to follow the results of recent games and then adjust your strategies to better betting. The crazy time tracker is not just results of the game in real time, it also has statistics on appearance rates by date and time, and players’ activities. The tracker crazy time nowadays has more upgrades and more statistics it can provide, such as dealer’s data, every single time of the day, and even creates the supposed results with your strategies and how much it will earn, just to increase your confidence before you bet.


Why You Need Crazy Time Tracker Casino?

Why You Need Crazy Time Tracker Casino?

We can see that the bet tracker crazy time can do many things in a crazy time game. But don’t be too far, there is the main advantage casino tracker crazy time can do for your strategy:

  • Determine the probability of the prize of the money wheels.
  • Watch the spin history of the past games.
  • Check the probability of the prize with different dealers.
  • Rely on the statistics that you have seen, predict, and create a better strategy to increase your winning chance by yourself.

Crazy Time stats tracker is your greatest ideal assistant to track and manage betting history, so you can analyze and have a better plan for the next game. This is an indispensable step before you choose your choice.

How to use Crazy Time Bet Tracker?

How to use Crazy Time Bet Tracker?

We already know about the features of Crazy Time Tracker in the game now, so let’s delve into how to use these features. The use of a crazy tracker will be very useful when you know what to do with it, including increasing your winning chance by a great number. There is what you need to do with the Tracker of Crazy Time:

  • Data Analyzing: Although Crazy Time is based on luck, there will always be certain probabilities.
  • Record the Results: Crazy Time Tracker Casino records the results of each spin, which comes with it is the probability percentage of appearance. You can predict the appearance percentage of the prize through it.
  • Dealers’ Stats: Not a superstition but do you notice that one prize appears more at some dealers but not with other dealers? Crazy Time is a game based on luck so this makes sense when we have some superstition, right?

Through the Analyzing process, you would barely determine the probability of the next round for sure. The Crazy Time Bet Tracker becomes the small light when you are stuck in the dark cave with several ways to go in the Crazy Time mountain and control the true way to win.

Players can use the Crazy Time Bet Tracker to analyze in real time and give you wise decisions before betting to optimize your winning chance. The live updates of the trackers provide you with a wide view of the game’s patterns, allowing you can manage and create your strategy in a better way.

Disclaimer: Despite the advantage of Crazy Time Bet Tracker, the game is still a luck game, every single spin is independent, governed by randomness, and skips any perceived sequence. Therefore, the tracker is more a guide to strategic play than a promise to guarantee winning. The small light in the darkest cave is not the way out.


Crazy Time Probabilities and RTP

Betting OptionOddsProbabilityRTP
Coin FlipUp to $500.0005%94.33%
PachinkoUp to $500.0005%95.27%
Cash HuntUp to $500.0004%95.70%
Crazy TimeUp to $500.0002%94.41%
Crazy Time Probabilities and RTP

5 Available Types of Crazy Time Live Tracker

5 Available types of Crazy Time Live Tracker

Nowadays, with the development of technology, thousands of trackers are available out there. Almost all are free, while some are paid services with the commitment of a higher chance of winning than the free ones. Some have their identity names and some are developed by unknowns. The general point is Live Crazy Time Tracker is served in various formats or platforms, to support users in several ways. Let’s see the 5 popular types:

  • Web-based Services: Websites are very uncommon in this generation, and there are many Crazy tracker sites too. Users can use any of the tracker’s features for free and no need to download and install any software.
  • Applications: Knowing the unstable of Google’s ranking, some Crazy Time Bet Tracker developers created Mobile Applications for their products, offering more convenience for users.
  • Desktop Software: Not just mobile, you can install the tracker’s software on your computer or tablet.
  • Combine in Gaming Site: Some casino games offer to their players the most convenience, so they create their own Crazy Time Tracker right in the game, players can see the tracker while playing Crazy Time, and you will not miss any event.
  • Combine of Software and Applications: Various versions support both PC and Mobile.

Things you should mention when using Crazy Time Tracker

  1. Crazy Time Bet Trackers are not an official tool created by Evolution Gaming, they are created by different creators.
  2. Not all the trackers are real-time updates, there is a speed update, you can see many trackers have records slower than the main game.
  3. Paid acquires will appear in some tracking sites or apps with the commitment of higher accuracy. Users need to be careful with their sites because there will be scam sites.
  4. The tracks are very versatile and useful but keep in mind that Crazy Time is a game based on luck, every single spin is independent. So do not trust 100% at this Crazy Time Bet Tracker, it’s supposed to be the tools that help you on your strategy smarter and easier.
  5. Find the right address to see the Tracks, there are some tracker born to make more money for their casino mission, but their site continuously provides fake tracking which makes you confused and lose money.


The Crazy Time Bet Tracker is a part of the game, you can analyze the probability of the prize and predict where it’s easiest to appear. Hence, increase your winning chances.

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