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Lightning Roulette Stats: Live Statistics and Latest Scores

Lightning Roulette Stats
Lightning Roulette Stats

If you are looking for ekcricket Lightning Roulette Stats, then check out this website, where you will find all the information including the latest scores, spin histories,…

Lightning Roulette Online Casino Game

Based on the basic European roulette, Lightning Roulette created by Evolution Gaming is a live casino game that attracts more and more players around the world. Lightning Roulette Stats has similar rules to the basic one, the only differences creating its name are lucky numbers and lucky multipliers. 


After the betting round, the host, as known as the dealer, will pull a lever to choose 1-5 lucky numbers with different multipliers. These lucky numbers will have multipliers of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x and 500x. Players who place a straight up bet on those lucky numbers will win the multiplier of that number. Other numbers won by straight betting will have a payout ratio of 30:1.

Besides the lucky round, Lightning Roulette has amazing graphics and the awesome sound of lightning, giving players a fast-paced and dramatic playstyle. With the HD resolution quality in every round, the game has become the favorite among live casino fans. 

What are Real-time Lightning Roulette Stats?

Lightning Roulette Stats is the game’s statistics real-time information including latest scores and multipliers, spin histories, long-time inactive sectors, etc. Every statistic was recorded by the Lightning Roulette tracker, to help players predicteds and make a wise decision in the next round. Ex: The numbers in column 1 come up 6 times in a round? You may want to place your bet on some of them. 

Every statistic and analysis will update in real-time and record up to 250, 500, or 1000 rounds, so you will get more accurate strategies and never get any delay in making a decision.

Real-time Spin histories

Lightning Roulette Stats have a record of the last spins based on time or number of spins that players know to control how often the number comes up and analyze the percentage of the numbers or lucky numbers. Hence, making smart and more strategies decides to have a better winning chance. Besides, the record has a record of Lightning Numbers (Lucky Numbers), the appearance percentage, and how long it takes to come up.

The list not only shows the latest spins but also shows the percentage of Red/Black and lucky multipliers in it. 3 in 1, you might need this Lightning Roulette Stats record of the last spins before making a decision to place your bet.


Details of the Tiers

Details of the Tiers of the Roulette Lightning Stats have broken down the results according to the different Tiers in the wheel. There are 4 tiers in the roulette wheel: Zero Game, Neighbor of Zero, Third of the Wheel, and Orphans. Statistics will analyze the occurrence percentage of each Tier at different times based on the user’s choice.


The temperature stats provide you the top 8 numbers that appear often and the most rarely to appear. The top 8 numbers appear often called Hot Numbers, you can see the percentage of each number. The remaining numbers are called Cold Numbers, with a percentage of 0%. These stats can be analyzed by time or spin, depending on your choice.

Color analyze

There are 3 colors in Lightning Roulette wheels: Black, Red, and Green. These stats show the percentage and how many times the ball lands in each color. It is really useful when you mainly play a Red/Black bet.

Number detail

These stats are not like the record of spin, it is separated into 4 types of numbers: Even, Odd, High, and Low, and each of them will have a different appearance percentage. It’s good for Even/Odd Betting, and with the percentage of high and low numbers, it will help you to decrease the risk.

Column and Row details

As you know, the table of Lightning Roulette Stats is divided into 3 Columns and 3 Rows with different numbers in them. The Stats will analyze the percentage of each of them and give you more advantage when Betting in Columns or Rows.

Advantage of watching Lightning Roulette Stats on 1cric

1cric is a casino site that provides you with the free Lightning Roulette Tracker with the most accurate statistics. This site allows you to play the game while analyzing the most accurate statistics right on the web. Otherwise, 1cric provides you with a thousand casino games such as Aviator, Rummy, and Andar Bahar,… and sports betting including cricket, soccer, kabaddi, and more. 

How to watch the Lightning Roulette Tracker on 1cric

  • Step 1: Open 1cric by the link
  • Step 2: Click “Join” to Create your account or “Login” if you already have.
  • Step 3: Click “Casino” at the bottom, choose “Roulette” > Choose “Evolution Gaming” and click “Lightning Roulette
  • Step 4: After clicking, you will see 2 options: Play game and Tracker, choose Tracker to watch Lightning Roulette Stats.


In this article, ekcricket showed you the advantage of watching the Lightning Roulette Stats on 1cric. With such a number of advantages that it owns, you will be satisfied when watching the Lightning Roulette Stats here.

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