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How To Play Crazy Time to Win More Money

How To Play Crazy Time

This article will guide you on how to play Crazy Time game. In addition, we will show you tips and tricks to help you win more money in the game.

Information About The Crazy Time game

We know before you want to learn about how to play, you must understand what is Crazy Time so well! So we will introduce it shorter. If you already know the game and don’t want to read the same words again, you can go straight to the How to Play.


Now, let’s learn about Crazy Time! Play Crazy Time is an online Slot game created by Evolution Games. The game works mainly with the lucky wheels, which have many prizes, and there is a dealer who will be an MC and spin the wheels.

Crazy Time quickly becomes famous for its easy gameplay and easy-to-win money. Nowadays, you can play Crazy Time in various online casinos, find yourself the official one, and be ready to experience the game.

How to play Crazy Time?

Now we come up with How to Play Crazy Time. The wheel of Crazy Time is full of excitement and surprise. It made whoever played it feel fun and interesting with full colors and each color represented a different type of prize. Regularly, there is 1x segment in blue, 2x segment in yellow, 5x in pink, and 10x segment in purple. All of these prizes are separated by different special prize slots that players can use to get the bonuses.

As said as introduced in Play Crazy Time, all you need to do is bet your money on the number or prize that you think the wheel will land on and then receive a prize when you win. Not just the multiplies money box, you can bet on four special prize slots to qualify to take a bonus when the wheel lands on those slots. Evolution Gaming, the creator of Play Crazy Time estimated that a bonus round would trigger once every 6 spins so that players have many opportunities to win money.

What are Bonuses and Special Prizes?

Pardon when I did not explain earlier, actually, I was but it separated the content too long so here am I. Ok, I know! No more nonsense words, let’s begin what is Bonuses and Special Prizes.

What is Bonuses and Special Prizes in crazytime

In addition to the multiple money prize, there are 4 more special prizes while playing crazy time that you should know about Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time. Each prize has a different bonus rule. There are:

  • Pachinko: When the wheel lands on this prize, the dealer will go to another room that has a big purple screen that includes many prizes at the bottom of it. The dealer will drop a ball from the top, the ball will be redirected by small blocks. Your prize depends on where the ball lands. There is one interesting feature, that is when the ball lands on Double or Triple, that means all the prizes will double or triple too and the ball will drop again. You can collect multiple doubles to increase your prizes, up to 10.000x!
  • Coin Flip: When this bonus is landed, as it’s named, the dealer will flip the coin, as you need to guess. When they flip the coin, your screen will show 2 coins red and blue. These 2 coins will show the different odds when the dealers stop flipping. Under the screen there is another coin in the bowl, this coin will flipped toward the screen, and choose the red or blue one to know what your prizes are.
  • Cash Hunt: This is the most interesting prize as each player will have a different bonus. When this bonus is triggered, a 108 multiplier bonus will show up on the grid. The dealer will pull a lever to mix the prize and hide it under the icon at the same time. The icon includes a package, a joker hat, a chicken, a rabbit, a star, a cactus, a castle, and a small cake. Then, you will able to shoot the icon by controlling your sniper scope with your mouse, the prize will show up after a successful shot.
  • Crazy Time: The ultimate bonus and the most difficult-to-land bonus when Playing Crazy Time. To deserve its rarely, the bonus begins with a colorful background with a larger wheel with several multiplies. To start the bonus round, you need to choose one flapper. When all the players choose their own flapper, that time the wheel starts to spin. Your prize will depend on what colors you choose at the start of the round. This bonus has an RTP of 95.5%.

Where to play Crazy Time?

Nowadays Crazy Time is available in many online casinos. You can choose any of those, and note that you must choose the prestige one if you don’t want your money flying high. Suggest to you some reputation casino sites:


This is a Cricket Betting site, but it was extended and combined several casino games such as Aviator, slot game, kabaddi betting, and Play Crazy Time. This 3-year-old casino site was known for its speed of withdrawing your money. Not a very famous one but be the best experience one. Besides, their promote are pretty good tho!~

Where to play Crazy Time - 1cric

Where to play Crazy Time - 1xbet


The most famous name in Indian online casinos, 1xbet appears in several sports like Cricket, Kabaddi, etc. With the 1xbet logo on famous sports players’ uniforms, there not quite hard to imagine how reputation 1xbet has. You can trust and play Crazy Time here.


Another Online Sports Casino, Parimatch has many players trust and play. Besides Sports betting, they cooperated or created many other types of games, the most famous is Aviator Parimatch, Slot game, and of course, Crazy Time. Become the most trusted casino in India, Parimatch will not let you down!

Where to play Crazy Time - parimatch

Perfect Strategies and Tips, Tricks to win Crazy time

Perfect Strategies and Tips, Tricks

10-5-2-1 Strategy

This is a popular and most used strategy in Play Crazy Time. The advantage is low risk, keeps you entertaining, and longer playing time, but it will not allow you to get huge prizes. This is the rule of the Play Crazy Time strategy:

  • Bet twice on section 10
  • Then two bet on section 5
  • Same with section 2, two bet
  • And the last, Four bets for section 1.

Bet twice or two bets mean your amount of betting for each section. Let me be clear, your bet was $1, then bet twice or two bets are $2, so $2 on section 10, $2 on section 5, $2 on section 2, and $4 on section 1.

This strategy covers most of the wheel, meaning your winning chance is higher, your lost money will be less but your winning money will be less either. But you can get up to $20 when the section 10 was landed.


Another popular strategy, the only thing you should remember in Play Crazy Time is that you need to have a huge money to be sure you won’t lose, if you don’t have enough to follow to the last round, the loss will be uncountable.

The Martingale strategy are simple rule: Double your start bet with each loss and start again whenever you get a win. Basically, it’s like:

  • Start at $1 on each bonus slot, so there will be 4$
  • When you lose, double your bet to $2 in the bonus slot
  • Keep double your bet when you lose: 2, 4, 8, 16,…
  • When win any bonus, start again with $1 for each slot.

So with this strategy, Play Crazy Time will surely be 100% you will win the money. But it has a risk to use, make sure your money will be enough to last until a win. To easier on predict when the bonus would land, Evolution Gaming calculated and mentioned that every six rounds there would be a bonus.

Low Volatility

The idea of this strategy is to bet as many options as possible. Example like:

  • $2 on section 10
  • $2 on section 5
  • $2 on section 2
  • $1 on each Cash Hunt, Coin Flip and Pachinko

Simply, you just need to cover the wheel as much as possible. In this way, your winning chance will be pretty high, but your win amount will not be huge. Same as 10-5-2-1 but with more cover than it.

Ultra risk strategy

All you need is just bet on 1 slot each round, that’s why it is called ULTRA risk. Your winning chance in this strategy will be pretty low, but you will have a huge amount whenever you win play crazy time.

Tips and Tricks

In the long time since Crazy Time was founded, there have been so many experienced Crazy Time Players who get a lot of money by playing Crazy Time. They shared some tricks to win more money:

  • Keep a cool mind: This is the 1st rule when you play whatever casino games. Keep your calm even when you lose a lot, or win consecutive. There are players who easily to angry by losing too much, or become more desired when win a lot, they all bet a lot of money to win more money or just get back their lost amount. This is the wrong way and you will easy to lose all your money to the casino.
  • Small bet: Step by step, don’t be too rude while playing crazy time, start with a small amount to optimize your loss amount.
  • Watch the Crazy Time Tracker: Many sites Track the Crazy Time Results more than the original game does, they show the probability of each section and bonus. This will help you a lot on your strategy.
  • Manage your bankroll: Never spend more money than your income.

Last words

Through this article, you already know how to play Crazy Time as well, and where you should play it. We give you some advice as same as tricks to an easy win in Crazy Time. Wish you luck and enjoy the game!

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