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Teen Patti Cash: The Paradise And Heaven For Card Game Players

Teen patti cash

Have you even seen someone go out with the daze and a silly expression on his face before? It’s because he just come back from Paradise, and it’s name Teen Patti Cash. You might think i just exaggerating everything too far, but I’m not, try the game, and then you will know what exactly is the paradise for card-game players. Curious yet? Then now we will find out why Teen Patti Cash can be the Paradise for Card game players.

The Beginning of Card-game’s Heaven

Known as The Paradise and Heaven for Card game Players, Teen Patti Cash is just one of the most popular card games in India in the past. Teen Patti, also called Flush some called Flash, is one of many Poker’s Validations, which is easier rules, play with 3 cards and have 6-9 Players per table, this is best gambling card game in India.

And Teen Patti Cash, a modern version of Teen Patti was born, allowing more and more Players to come play and experience the classic card game with the new look, incredible graphics and absolute convenience. The game has through many updates and improve to provide the best experiences to Players. After several updated, Teen Patti Cash has break the border and turn into a phenomenon, attract many Players all around the world come and plays.


Although being a famous card game, Teen Patti Cash has never stop improving and upgrading the system to be better and better. That how the name “The Paradise and Heaven for Card game Players” was born.

Top features of Teen Patti Cash Game

To be a Paradise for card game players, there are not just only games, there are also features. So what features does Teen Patti Cash provide? There is it:

Real Cash Gaming

Join the game and beat your opponents to gain Great Prizes, and of course, those are REAL MONEY!

Free Chips

There are several bonuses and free chips for you, especially new players. The new player who use their Facebook to register can get free bonuses and rewards. Teen Patti Cash Game will organize random limited Events and some celebrating Event, Players can join due to some mission to get the rewards.

Multiple Language Support

Start was just a game to Indian, know Teen Patti Cash have many Players from all over the world, and of course they have to support more and more languages to support Players who are not Indian.

Amazing Performance

Teen Patti Cash has an incredible graphics but still keep the classic of Teen Patti card game, you might be Surprise when log in the game at the first time.


Besides, the interface is super easy to use and be optimized to be sure there is no lag or bug when Players play.

Free game for Practice

Worry about you are the newbie, no need to worry anymore because Teen Patti Cash have Free tournaments, this is a good place to practice your skill and experience. Keep training before you have enough to play the cash game.

Make new friends

Teen Patti Cash has many Players from all over the world, so why not get some friends with different language to learn more about another culture, share more love.

Customer services

There are several question when we try somethings new, and Teen Patti Cash understand it, so they build a 24/7 Customer Support team to support Players about everything in the game.

Some tips you need to know before playing

Although Teen Patti Cash is “Paradise for card game players”, the game still a Cash game. And if you playing with your money without knowing any tips to win, better give you money away. So here we will give you some tips to make you play easier.

Start the game with small Bet

Teen Patti is not a short game, there are many round ahead, Let’s start with the smallest amount of betting, you don’t want to be the one who get out of table earliest.

Practice to be master

As said as above, Teen Patti Cash have many Free Game to practicing your skill. Keep practice and training your skill as much as you can, that will be very helpful when you start play real cash game.

Know the rules

If you want to win at something, you must first know its rule. You can’t use the “I don’t know the rules” reason to argument when you been caught because you breaking the rules, right?

Learn from your opponents

Not just fight them to win, other Players have different skill, why not learn their skill and use its with your skill? That will be a nice move!

To know more about Tips and Tricks to get easy winning, try to follow this: 15 Tricks To Turn Your Bad Luck Into Real Money In Teen Patti


The name “The Paradise and Heaven for Card game Players” is not created by the game developer, it’s created by Player, who was played and experienced the game. Join Teen Patti Cash now to get free chips and bonuses. Good Luck!

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