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Online Teen Patti: Tips And Tricks To Get A Glorious Victory.

Online Teen Patti – “The exciting version of Three-card Poker”, created by Indian and played only by their country before it’s become famous and attracted more than thousands of players around the world. This is a simple game that is easy to learn, but it can turn to a most challenging to master. Don’t worry, in this article we will show you how to increase your chance of winning as well as some tips and tricks to get a great prizes.

Rules of Online Teen Patti

First of all, if you want to win at any game, the one thing you must to know and understand are the rules of the game. It doesn’t matter if it was very hard for you to win or anything, if you don’t follow the rules properly your win will be forfeited immediately. Show now we will talk a little about Online Teen Patti Rules.

Beginning of the game

  • The cards from a standard deck of 52 (without the jokers) are shuffled properly by the dealer to ensure there is no bias when dealt to the players.
  • At this time, Players can bet a fixed amount, it’s called The Starting Amount. This amount will be kept in a pot in the middle of the table.
  • After shuffling the cards, the dealer will deal 3 cards to each Player at the table. Dealing is done clockwise, starting with the dealer position. and the 3 cards are placed face down, to make sure none of the Players know what cards they or anyone else received until the Player check their cards.

Start Betting

Before Betting in Online Teen Patti, Players can either bet Blind, mean bet without checking the cards, or Seen which means they check the cards before betting.

After that, all Players will begin Call/Raise round. In this round, the first Player will bet an amount and other players will call (mean they follow that amount) or Raise (mean they bet the higher amount). And when all Players have the same bet amount, they will go to next round. This round can be called Chaal.

Ranking of Hands in Online Teen Patti

There are 6 Sequence in the game:

  • Three of a Kind (also called as Trail or Trio): Know as the Highest hand in a game, it consists of 3 cards of the same rank, and 3 Aces (AAA) is the highest and 3 two (222) is the lowest in a combination.
  • Straight Run (Pure Sequence): 3 consecutive cards of the same suit. A23 is the highest after QKA and JQK. Lowest is 234. Beside, KA2 doesn’t a valid hand.
  • Normal Run (Sequence): 3 consecutive cards, not at the same suit. And the highest and lowest same as Straight Run.
  • Flush (Color): 3 cards of the same suit. Highest is JKA and lowest is 235.
  • Pair: 2 cards of the same rank and a third kicker card. Highest is AAK and lowest is 223
  • No Pair (High Card); This is lowest hand, which is 3 card doesn’t make any of combinations. Highest is JKA not in the same suit and the lowest is 532.

Tips and Tricks to helps your chance of winning higher

Whether a Player wins or loses depends on the hand they have when the cards appear. But there is a trick that helps your chances of winning higher, even when you are in the lowest hand.

Start with small amount of betting

One Legend used to say: “Online Teen Patti is a marathon, not a sprint.” You will be playing many hands in one session, so better manage and control yourself to get a chances to win.

Don’t be so emotional

The next tricks say that regardless of the game you’re playing: Online Teen Patti, Poker or any other game that combines skill, luck, it’s really important not to get emotional. Once a Player get too much emotion, their opponents will easily to guess what’s cards they have, and that will cost them a lot.

Learn about Bluff in Online Teen Patti

Even when you have the lowest hand, don’t panic. Acting like you have a highest hand, make other opponents think you really have a good hand, so they will Fold.

Or if you have a strong hand, make sure you have good control over the pot size. The more rounds before your cards is shown, the more cash you will win.

Don’t overuse bluffs

In any case, you still have the possibility of losing because your opponent has the highest score or you were in on someone else’s bluff. So, make sure you doing Bluff wisely, if you can Bluff, they can Bluff too.

Understand Opponent’s Playing style

Every Players on the table is trying to know and understand your Online Teen Patti playing style, you must do the same. Knowing your opponent’s playing style will help increase your chances of winning.

Practice make master

One thing you must to understand is nobody born to be an expert in any field. They had to do it thousands of times before they can achieve any success.


See! The Online Teen Patti rules are very simple, easy to learn, but as we said at the beginning, if you have enough skills and experience, you can turn that Simple into the biggest challenge for your opponents. Keep follow these important tips and tricks and increase your chances of winning when playing, keep practicing until you are confident enough. Through this, become an Online Teen Patti champion and beat you opponents to get the Greatest Prizes you ever want.

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