2028 Summer Olympics: The Appearance Of Cricket In The Up Coming LA Olympics

Not only Cricket, Flag football, lacrosse, quash and baseball-softball will also in the list to the 2028 Summer Olympics.

2028 Summer olympics

Cricket in the old Olympics

In 1990s, a Parisian cycling venue, the VĂ©lodrome de Vincennes, saw two teams compete in the first and to date only Olympic cricket match. The 2 teams, France and Great British wasn’t even really national team. The British were represented by the Devon and Somerset Wanderers club, which then toured France, while the French were mainly British expats who played for the All Paris Club. The encounter last 2 days, England defeated the French team, who managed just 104 runs in 2 innings.

It tells you something about how the International Olympic Committee (IOC) views the sport in which the winner, Great Britain, is awarded not a gold medal but a silver medal while the French take bronze.


The truth is the IOC is constantly looking to grow their core viewership. ‘Beautiful’ sports such as aerobics and trendy new events such as ‘Breaking’ have been added to appeal to a larger audience interested in sports and entertainment. Even football, initially an amateur sport, was later transformed into a U-23 tournament. Cricket just adds another huge market for the quadrennial event.

And importantly, T20 cricket, unlike the cozy and exclusive clubs of Test playing nations and One-Day Internationals, is open to all. Instead of dozens of countries participating in the sport, interest arose in countries as diverse as Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Brazil. The Olympic Charter stipulates that to be included in the Games, the sport must be widely practiced by men in at least 75 countries and on four continents and by women in no less than 40 countries and on three continents. ODI and Test cricket would never have stood a chance.

In the next 2028 summer Olympics

And now, over one hundred and twenty-three years, there are more than 90 members at the, IOC session in Mumbai almost unanimously voted for five proposed new sports, and it’s including men’s and women’s cricket for the 2028 Summer Olympics. Nearly two billion people, between India, Pakistan and Bangladesh will see this as an opportunity for not one but two Olympic medals. And increased interest will not only help increase viewership but also result in more lucrative media contracts for the IOC.

Cricket marked its return to the 2028 Summer Olympics Games for the first time in more than a century at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session here and was joined by baseball and softball, flag football, lacrosse and squash for Los Angeles 2028.

The appearance of cricket on the program for the first time since Paris 1900 was seen by Los Angeles 2028 sports director Niccolo Campriani as a “win-win” for the IOC, the Organizing Committee and the cricket community. However, this decision was not unanimous as two IOC members voted against this proposal.

In October 10, 2023, Bleacher Report confirmed on Twitter (X) that in the next 2028 Summer Olympics will have Cricket and some other sports game. This will be a great opportunity for India and neighboring countries, which are strong at Cricket.


In the general joy there are a few contradictory notes. Having only six teams in both the men’s and women’s events means 2028 Summer Olympics cricket will be even more of an exclusive club than World Cup cricket, which is currently facing a lot of setbacks for lack of representation. Some top teams will necessarily miss the 2028 Summer Olympics. And a single venue and limited number of pitches could make the first-ever Olympic cricket tournament a hit and miss affair. Overall, however, the emergence of T20 cricket as a global sport closely mirrors India’s rise to global significance. The signs look not good.

Other sport games that will be added to 2028 La Olympics

As said as above, not only Cricket will be added to the 2028 Summer Olympics, there are five more game.

Flag football

Flag football is a non-contact form of American football played by teams of five. American football was last offered as a demonstration sport at the 1932 LA Olympics.


Baseball has featured in several previous Olympics. It was added to the 2020 Tokyo program after being left off in 2012 and 2016, but it will not be part of the Paris Games.


Baseball’s female counterpart, has appeared at five previous Summer Olympics and was also left off the Paris 2024 agenda.


Lacrosse appeared twice as a medal sport at the Olympics, in 1904 and 1908. It will be played in a six-a-side format at LA 2028.


Squash will launch after several previous applications for Olympic status were unsuccessful.

There is no more room for breakdancing, which will not return after its Olympic debut in Paris next year.


Although the inclusion of all five sports is for just one edition of the Olympics, they are banking on the boost provided by 2028 Summer Olympics participation to fuel growth as they look to remain an Olympic product attractive in the next four-year cycle. This is the first sign showing that Cricket sport is growing and it’ll keep it to become one of the most attractive sport game in the world, beside with football.

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