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Kerala Blasters FC Standings: Navigating the Journey in Indian Football Game

Kerala Blasters FC Standings: Navigating the Journey in Indian Football

Kerala Blasters FC, a widely adored football club in India, enjoys a fervent and committed fan community who closely tracks their activities in the Indian Super League (ISL). This club, situated in Kochi, Kerala, has experienced both triumphs and setbacks throughout its existence, but its progress in the ISL rankings consistently intrigues football fans throughout the country. In the subsequent discussion, we will delve into the historical standings of Kerala Blasters FC, examine their past performance in various seasons, and explore their ambitions for forthcoming triumphs.

A Brief History of Kerala Blasters FC

Kerala Blasters FC emerged as one of the founding teams in the Indian Super League when it commenced in 2014. Right from the start, the club received tremendous backing, owing to the ardent football culture prevalent in Kerala. The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Kochi, which is often hailed as the “Fortress,” serves as the club’s home ground and is renowned for its vibrant ambiance, capable of accommodating more than 39,000 enthusiastic supporters.

The vibrant yellow and blue uniforms of the club, which draw inspiration from the traditional clothing of Kerala, have become a symbol of the passionate football culture in the area. Supporting the team wholeheartedly, the dedicated fan group known as Manjappada (Yellow Brigade) is renowned for their unwavering allegiance.


Previous Season’s Performance

Kerala Blasters FC’s venture in the Indian Super League has been characterized by exciting games, intense battles, and memorable instances. Although they haven’t clinched the highly sought-after ISL title, the team has consistently remained in the competition and garnered immense support from the fans.

Take a look at their past seasons’ performance:

2014: First Season, Kerala Blasters FC reached the final in their first season but fell just short of winning the championship, coming in second place to Atletico de Kolkata.

2016: Another Time reach the Finals: Once again, the team made it to the finals in the 2016 season. However, they experienced disappointment as they ended up as the second-place finishers, this time losing to Atletico de Kolkata (now ATK Mohun Bagan).

In the 2018-19 season, Kerala Blasters FC achieved a semi-final finish, but unfortunately, they were unable to progress to the finals.

During the 2019-20 season, the club achieved a mid-table position by finishing seventh.

2020-21 Season: Kerala Blasters FC encountered a difficult campaign and ultimately concluded the league in the tenth position, presenting various challenges along the way.


Aspirations and Ambitions

Kerala Blasters FC remains dedicated to their objective of winning the ISL championship, despite facing various challenges along the way.

The team consistently focuses on enhancing their roster, nurturing emerging talents, and improving their strategic abilities.

The management, coaching staff, and players of Kerala Blasters FC understand the lofty expectations of their enthusiastic supporters, and they are resolute in their commitment to achieving success in the upcoming seasons. The club is actively investing in the development of young players at the grassroots level and conducting thorough scouting efforts in order to discover local talent, thereby aiding in the expansion of football in the Kerala region.

The Fan Factor

Kerala Blasters FC is characterized by the exceptional backing they receive from their devoted supporters, known as Manjappada. The unwavering allegiance of the Yellow Brigade and their enthusiastic involvement during matches contribute to an unmatched environment within Indian football. The team is fueled by their chants, banners, and unwavering enthusiasm, which not only uplifts the players but also resonates with the entire fan base.

Despite facing difficult times, Manjappada remains steadfast in their support for their team, demonstrating the authentic spirit of football enthusiasts. The strong connection between the club and its fans proves the unwavering passion for the sport in Kerala.

The Road Ahead

As Kerala Blasters standing progresses through the rankings of the ISL, the team remains optimistic and driven. Each new season brings fresh possibilities, and the pursuit of the coveted ISL championship endures. The club’s unwavering commitment to its supporters and the sport of football in Kerala establishes it as one of the most beloved teams in Indian soccer.


Kerala Blasters FC, a prominent football club, holds a special place in the hearts of fans and plays on the magnificent field of the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. It not only symbolizes a football team but also embodies a dynamic football culture that flourishes in the picturesque state of Kerala. As the club continues to pursue greatness in the upcoming seasons, football enthusiasts throughout India will eagerly follow the exciting progress of Kerala Blasters FC in the ISL standings, eagerly anticipating the possibility of witnessing remarkable accomplishments.

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