Sarfaraz Khan And His Flying Debut on India’s Test Match

Mumbai was always be a successful place to nurture young talents in the world of cricket, and we’re talking about Sarfaraz Khan, a phenomenon of Indian cricketing.

Sarfaraz Khan And His Debut

Sarfaraz Khan’s Information

Sarfaraz Naushad Khan or Sarfaraz Khan born on 22 October 1997, he is All-rounder Indian cricketer from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Used to be the one broke the Harris Shield record of a Legend cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar, Sarfaraz was training his skill to be better day by day and achieved many achievements.

From the early age, his father and coach, who are nurturing young cricketers that time include Iqbal Abdulla and Kamram Khan at this time, was discovered Sarfaraz’s talent on timing the ball and decided to training him about cricket.


Time flow, his name was become famous when he smashing 439 runs off 421 balls in his maiden Haris Shield game in 2009, broke the record of Sachin Tendulkar set in 1988, when he was just 12 years old. The performance made him become the center of news that time, also embroiled in a controversy which accused him of fudging his age. However, the accused was disable when his 2nd test revealed. By this performance, Sarfaraz Khan soon started playing for the Mumbai Under-19 team and become the selection for Indian Under 19 team and had a good outing in the Quadrangular U19 series.

A Young Talent Full of Expectation

After great performance, he represent India in the U19 World Cup 2014. He was impressing the selector with his average of 70+ and a strike rate of 100. Everything kept better when he was the second highest run-scorer in the next 2016 World Cup, achieved the Most Number of Fifties in World Cups of U19 level with 7 fifties through 2 World Cups.

With his achievements, the expectation about Sarfaraz Khan will come to highest level started to soar. The first step was taken when he was picked by Royal Challengers Bangalore for Indian T20 League in 2015, where he displayed his aggressive. Virat Kohli, one of best Indian cricketer was bowed down with him once, showing his respect for Sarfaraz Khan and confirm his talent.

Sarfaraz Khan’s expectation was not just by picked in auction, he was one of 3 retained players of Bangalore in the action of Indian T20 2018. He was a part of Bangalore squad for 3 years, from 2015 to 2018, then picked by Punjab in 2019 Indian T20 League’s auction until 2022, he was bought by Delhi Capitals for the same year tournament.

Ranji Trophy was never be his disappointed when he made his name 2 times with double and triple century in this tournament.

Flying International debut

After a long time playing cricket with so many achievement, in 2024, Sarfaraz Khan finally earned his very first time call-up for the first Test against England in Hyderabad due to injuries of Ravindra Jadeja and KL Rahul.


He made his International debut in the 3rd Test hold on Rajkot. It was a emotional moment when he gave his Test cap to his father, who kissed the cap and cried a lot with his son’s achievement. Khans scored 62 runs off 66 balls in his first test inning, included 9 fours and a six. His fifty of just 48 balls made him join the Fastest 50 by an Indian Cricketer on debut, alongside with Hardik Pandya in 2017.

“Sarfaraz, I’m really proud of the way you’ve come, I’m sure your dad and your family would be extremely proud of what you’ve achieved. I know you’ve worked hard and There were disappointments, but despite that, all the runs you scored in the domestic season. Well done. I’m sure you will have a lot of great memories today. Start a long career. Only 310 people have played before you, so all the best,”

Kumble told Sarfaraz Khan

Sarfaraz Khan’s Signification

Have gone through many cricket matches, overcome many troubles, Sarfaraz Khan still stands firm and moves forward with his passion, focus on dedicating himself to Indian cricket. And his dedication was rewarded with his achievement, being recognized by many big names, included legendary cricketers. Safaraz was a shining example for young cricketer in particular and the whole younger generators in general, show how the passion, hard work and dedication will pay off for them when they keep trying and never give up.

With the rich of achievements that Sarfaraz Khan achieved so far, he was expected to become a skillful player, alongside with Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli, standing beside legendary cricketers and turn into the source of inspiration for young Indian cricketers. “Keep your passion, keep training your skill, keep passing your difficults and one day, you’ll be rewarded what you deserves”.

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