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Dabang Delhi: The Game Changers of Pro Kabaddi League

Dabang Delhi KC, the professional kabaddi team based in North India, has consistently proven to be game-changers in the world of kabaddi.

Dabang Delhi

Introduction of Dabang Delhi

Dabang Delhi KC is a professional kabaddi team based in New Delhi, North India, play mainly for Pro Kabaddi League. After several season, they show up as a game changer of the league, captured the hearts of many kabaddi enthusiasts across the country.

Founded in 2014, the Delhi Franchise was purchased by DoIT Sports Management India. The word ‘Dabang‘ in Hindi mean strong, powerful, showed how desire that have to earn the PKL titles.


Home Arena

Located in the heart of New Delhi, the Thyagaraj Sports Complex serves as the home arena for the powerhouse Kabaddi team, Dabang Delhi KC.

The Thyagaraj Sports Complex is more than just a venue for Dabang Delhi KC’s home matches. It represents the pride and passion of the people of North India who rally behind their beloved team. With a seating capacity of over 3,000, the stadium is always buzzing with excitement during every match.

The Thyagaraj Sports Complex provides the perfect setting for Dabang Delhi KC to showcase their skills. The spacious playing area allows for smooth gameplay and showcases the team’s strategic maneuvers.

Logo & Identity

The logo of Dabang Delhi is a shield with the team name on it, and beside was the wings, illustrators an Warriors with his wings. Combine with the colors of Red and Yellow, the logo showing the strength, winning desires and toughness of the Dabang Delhi.

The Pride of New Delhi

Since their inception, Dabang Delhi KC has showcased their prowess and passion for the game, capturing the hearts of kabaddi enthusiasts across the nation.

They enjoys the advantage of playing their home matches at the iconic Thyagaraj Sports Complex in New Delhi. With a seating capacity that can accommodate a large number of passionate fans, the stadium provides an electric atmosphere for the team.


Dabang Delhi KC has delivered numerous moments of brilliance, captivating fans with their incredible performances on the kabaddi mat. From Pankaj Mohite’s sensational five-point raid against the Patna Pirates to Parteek’s breathtaking four-point raid against the Jaipur Pink Panthers, the team has provided unforgettable highlights throughout the seasons.

Under the astute leadership of Rambir Singh Khokhar, Dabang Delhi KC has witnessed a remarkable transformation. Coach Khokhar’s dedication, tactical acumen, and ability to inspire the players have played a pivotal role in shaping the team’s success.

Dabang Delhi’s Journey in Pro Kabaddi League

Season 1+2+3+4+5

In their first season, they was have very many outstanding matches, but their opponents was many great players than Dabang Delhi, so they couldn’t reach any Playoff stages or Eliminators finals.

Season 6

This season marked the overate of Dabang Delhi. Start the season with the tied match against the runner-up in the previous season, Gujarat Fortune Giants. Dabang Delhi was played and proved to be a game chargers when they rises from the bottom of all previous seasons to a force to reckon with.

They cause surprised to all there opponents and kabaddi enthusiasts, excellent reach elimination finals. In here, faced Bengal Warriors, also a strong team at this season, they played with no fear and successful reach semi-final, where they have lost by UP Yoddhas.

Dabang Delhi was actually shocked every kabaddi enthusiasts in this season. From a kabaddi team that couldn’t reach any playoff stages in the previous seasons, when there fans started to give up, they was showed their best performance, showing how the game changer do.

Season 7

After the shine on previous season, they keep dominated the game in season 7. Start the season with 3 consecutive won, the Delhi was played an outstanding form and won 7 consecutive matches after be stopped by Gujarat Giants.

With these winning streak, Dabang Delhi succesfully join semi-final, where they met Bengaluru Bulls, who was had 6 points loss and let Dabang reach the Final. They meet old enemy, the Bengal Warriors, and again, they been stopped by just 5 points. Cause a lot of regret from fans and Kabaddi enthusiasts.

With 15 won, 4 lose and 3 Tied matches, Dabang stand at Top 1st in season 7 Points Table.

Season 8

The most successful season of Dabang Delhi. Start with the highest form and title desire, the Dabang was got 5 consecutive winning, include a wide margin 52-35 against there old enemy, Bengal Warrior. Once again, their fans was proud of them, hoped for the best.

They was successfully reach semi-final, where they faced Bengaluru Bulls. And like history repeat, they beat the Bulls with 5 points and reach the Final. Faced Patna Pirates in the Final match, they cause many difficult to the Dabang. Under the cheered of the crowd, both team played with their highest form.

This must be the most intense match, when both team are desired a victory. Both team’s fans was stood still, and then burst of emotions when Dabang Delhi finally won their maiden trophy by just 1 poinst. Thanks to Naveen Kumar with 207 Raid Points in 17 matches.

Season 9

The former champion cannot hold their crown this season. Still played with an outstanding form, Dabang Delhi reach the eliminators and been stopped by Bengaluru Bulls, their arch-rivals.

Current Squad

Dabang Delhi Current Squad (01/2024): Naveen-Kumar (C), Vijay Kumar-A, Suraj Panwar, Felix Li, Nitin Chandel, Yuvraj Pandeya, Sunil, Rahul Kumar, Mohit, Akash Prasher, Vikrant, Meetu Mehender Sharma, Vishal Bharadwaj, Manjeet-II, Manu, Yogesh, Ashish, Ashu Malik, Balasaheb Jadhav, Himmat Antil.


Dabang Delhi, who was proved to be a game changer of the Pro Kabaddi League. From an bottom team to become a champion, all their journey was have witnessed by their loyal fans. They was not loss the expectation of their fans, successfully won their maiden trophy, deserved the “Game changer” title.

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