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Crazy Time Casino Online: Feel the Extremely Emotions in Every Spin

Crazy Time Casino Online
Crazy Time Casino Online: Feel the Extremely Emotions in Every Spin

Crazy Time Casino Online game is a live casino game that has been the talk of the town in the online casino community. Like its name, the game will lead you to explore all your emotions from deep inside: dramatic, exciting, thrilling, satisfying,… all will be shown out while playing Crazy Time Online. Today, we will take you on a trip to this casino game.

What is Crazy Time Casino Online?

Crazy Time Casino Online, released on June 10, 2020, is a live gameshow developed by Evolution Gaming. The game was designed following easy-to-play features, without any complicated strategies or deep understanding of the game’s rules. With a colorful background, vibrant sound, funny dealers and a brilliant wheel with various prizes on it, Crazy Time Casino Online promises a fun and exciting way to feel the joy of a live casino right from your home.

Gameplay Mechanics

The Interface

The Crazy Time Casino Online game features a colorful and dynamic interface with a bustling sound, creating a vibrant place for players. The game is played around a big wheel, which live dealers spin. The player’s task is to guess the number that the wheel will land on. The number includes 1, 2, 5 and 10, placed all over the wheel and each number has 2 segments.


Bonus Games

Not just the numbers appear on the wheel, there are 4 different bonus games that players can place their bet on in Crazy Time Casino Online. Each bonus has the chance to win big prizes and multipliers, up to x20.000 player’s bet amount. Normally, the maximum payout is €500,000, about ₹4.5 crore. The bonus game includes:

  • Coin Flip: A simple game which the dealer flips a coin and the player must choose the right color when the coin lands to win the bonus.
  • Pachinko: When the wheel lands on this Crazy Time Casino Online bonus, the dealer will come to the other room which has a massive pachinko wall, then the dealer will drop the digital ball and the prize will be determined by where the ball falls in. Players have a chance to win a massive multiplier due to the “Double” and “Triple” prizes, which means when the ball drops in one of these, all the multipliers will be doubled or tripled depending on where it lands, and the dealer will drop the ball again. The maximum of multipliers is x10.000.
  • Cash Hunt: The small screen with a forest background appears, it brings 108 different multipliers and is hidden under an animal icon. Players will choose their own prize by clicking on one of those icon.
  • Crazy Time: Crazy Time Casino Online dealer will open the secret red door and come to the room with the background of a crazy world with many characters and animals and a gigantic wheel with various multipliers in the middle, all the prizes will be bigger than 10x in this bonus. There are 3 arrows with 3 colors: Green, Yellow and Blue. Players will choose their color before the dealer presses the red button to spin the wheel. The prize depends on the color the player chooses and the multiplier that the arrow points. There are “Double” and “Triple” segments that will double or triple the multipliers and spin the wheel again, of course only players who choose the color of the arrow point on the segment can win this round.

Lucky Segment

To add more excitement for players, at the upper of the main Crazy Time Casino Online wheel, there is a slot machine with 2 screens, the first one has the segments of the wheel icon and the second is the multipliers from x2 to x10. When the wheel is spinning, this slot machine starts to choose the lucky segment as well. If the wheel lands on the lucky segment, the multipliers will be shown on the second screen.

Return to Player (RTP)

Crazy Time Casino game offers an optimal RTP of 96.08%, which is quite high when compared to other live casino games, which is the crucial rate for players to decide to play or not. With a high RTP rate, Crazy Time Casino game attracts and maintains a massive amount of players, boosting its name to a new level.

The Last Words

Crazy Time Casino game is a vibrant and brilliant version of the live casino game community, offering a blend of traditional betting with a dynamic dealer, who can even interact with players, Crazy Time created a great place for both betting and relaxing, with a chance to win a massive multiplier.

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