Babar Azam’s Warm Action For Cameraman After The Accident

Watch Babar Azam’s warm action for the cameraman after his camera has been accident hit by Daryl Mitchell’s delivery in 2nd of NZ vs PAK T20I series.

Babar Azam's Warm Action For Cameraman After The Accident

Watch: Babar Azam’s warm action for cameraman

This is the second T20I of New Zealand vs Pakistan series. In the first one, Pakistan was beaten by 46 runs from New Zealand. At that match, Daryl Mitchell was shine when he scored 61 runs of just 24 balls. The second T20 NZ vs PAK series is played on Seddon Park, Pakistan won the toss and chose to bowl first. 194/8 is the score of New Zealand in the 20th overs. In this match, Daryl Mitchell was scored just 17 off 10 balls, but he cause an accident during his inning.

Daryl Mitchell took a high delivery from Abbas bowling. It was nothing happened if the ball didn’t land on one of the expensive cameras and smash it. The collision created an unexpected turning point for the match, but right after the accident, Babar Azam’s warm action for the camera was the highlight.


Babar Azam, who played as the Fielder this match, was showed what is sportsmanship by come and comforting the cameraman before shaking his hand. The scene was added a touch of camaraderie to the relationship between New Zealand and Pakistan, and added a warmly moments to the intense competition.

Babar Azam’s warm action was captured by other camera

One more time, Babar Azam’s qualities showing that he’s not just an excellent cricket player, he’s a commendable individual off the Pitch. He has a fair-play sportsmanship, great cricket skills and a warm heart as seen as Babar Azam’s warm action for cameraman.

The moment reflects a great personality mark by integrity, humility and it’s actually a positive impact in the cricket community.

About Babar Azam

Babar Azam, hailing from Lahore, Pakistan, was born on October 15, 1994. Similar to numerous young boys in Pakistan, he was acquainted with the game of cricket from a tender age. As he grew up, he dedicated himself to developing his cricketing abilities, practicing in the narrow lanes and passages of Lahore while imitating his cricket idols. With the unwavering support of his family, it didn’t take long for his remarkable talent to shine through.

Babar Azam stands out for his exceptional reliability in all formats of the game, cementing his position as the backbone of Pakistan’s batting lineup and setting new records in the process. Babar Azam’s warm action holds the record for the quickest accumulation of 1,000 runs in T20Is and has secured the top spot as the world’s best T20I batsman. Additionally, his performances in ODIs have been equally impressive, with him also achieving the milestone of reaching 1,000 runs in the shortest time ever recorded in that format.


In November 2019, Babar Azam was given the responsibility of leading Pakistan’s T20I team, marking a significant achievement in his professional journey. His composed nature and sharp cricketing intellect made him the ideal candidate for the position. Since then, he has successfully guided Pakistan’s T20I team towards growth and development.

Babar Azam exhibits a down-to-earth and modest demeanor off the cricket field. His unwavering commitment to the sport and relentless pursuit of self-improvement are well-known. He draws motivation from his cricketing idols and is frequently revered as an exemplar for aspiring youthful cricketers in Pakistan.


Babar Azam’s warm action was showed what is truly a sportsmanship. His act are proof for fair play, his personality beyond the cricket field, and the relationship between New Zealand and Pakistan.

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