The Don Bradman Stats: Unraveling the Numbers Behind Cricket’s Greatest Legend


Sir Donald Bradman, also known as “The Don,” is a renowned figure in the cricket world, known for his remarkable achievements and unrivaled excellence. His records and statistics go beyond ordinary, reaching the status of legendary. While Bradman’s batting skills cannot be fully captured by mere numbers, they provide some insight into his extraordinary talent and the indelible mark he left on the game of cricket.

Sir Don Bradman’s Statistics: A Peek into an Unforgettable Legacy

Batting Average

Don Bradman is widely recognized for his remarkable Test batting average of 99.94, making it one of the most significant records in the realm of sports. This extraordinary figure is often hailed as the utmost individual accomplishment witnessed in sporting history. It is worth noting that Bradman’s average surpasses that of any other Test batsman by almost 40 runs, provided they have played a minimum of 20 innings. To put it in perspective, the second-highest career average, achieved by Adam Voges, stands at 61.87, demonstrating the immense margin that underscores Bradman’s unrivaled dominance.

Total number of runs achieved

During his Test career, which lasted from 1928 to 1948 and encompassed 52 matches, Bradman accumulated 6,996 runs. While he may not hold the record for the highest overall run tally in Test cricket, his exceptional batting average indisputably cements his position as the pinnacle of cricketing excellence. It is important to note that Bradman achieved this remarkable feat in an era characterized by uncovered pitches, facing the most formidable bowlers, and enduring less favorable playing conditions in comparison to today’s cricketers.

Topmost Personal Record: 334

Bradman’s remarkable achievement in Test cricket came in the form of a majestic knock of 334 runs, accomplished during a match against England in Leeds back in 1930. This innings not only played a crucial role in securing Australia’s triumph but also showcased Bradman’s extraordinary talent in overpowering formidable bowling line-ups. Furthermore, it served as a defining moment in the series where he solidified his legendary status by amassing an incredible tally of 974 runs across a mere seven innings.

The number of test centuries

Bradman’s Test career encompassed 29 centuries, a milestone that remained unmatched until Sachin Tendulkar exceeded it. The remarkable trait of Bradman’s greatness lies in his adeptness at transforming promising starts into centuries and his unwavering reliability.

The sequential occurrence is 974.

Don Bradman is widely known for his remarkable achievement of scoring 974 runs during the 1930 Ashes series in England. This outstanding feat still holds the distinction of being the highest number of runs scored by a player in a single Test series, demonstrating his extraordinary talent and form.


Don Bradman is renowned for the extraordinary feat of never being dismissed without scoring a run in his Test career. This exceptional achievement not only highlights his exceptional batting skills but also emphasizes his unwavering consistency and ability to make valuable contributions in nearly every innings.

The Bradman Legacy

Don Bradman’s impressive batting statistics not only highlight his exceptional talent but also serve as evidence of his strong work ethic, mental resilience, and unwavering commitment to achieving excellence. His consistent ability to outshine his fellow cricketers, often by significant margins, clearly demonstrates his unparalleled devotion to the sport.

Bradman’s contribution to cricket surpasses mere statistics, as his influence on the sport and subsequent generations of cricketers is immeasurable. His meticulous approach to preparation, unwavering mental fortitude, and technical mastery serve as a constant source of inspiration and guidance for aspiring cricketers.

The Bradman Museum and International Cricket Hall of Fame in Bowral, New South Wales, is a testament to his enduring legacy. It houses a treasure trove of cricketing history and memorabilia, honoring not only Bradman but the entire cricketing world that he influenced.


Don Bradman’s statistics go beyond mere numerical figures; they serve as a testament to his extraordinary talent and mastery in the field of cricket. While his batting average, total runs, and numerous records are quite impressive, they merely skim the surface of his profound influence on the sport. Bradman represented a standard of exceptional performance, serving as an inspiration for aspiring cricketers and personifying the relentless pursuit of perfection in the realm of athletics.

Sir Donald Bradman’s lasting impact on the cricketing world serves as an inspiration for both cricketers and sports enthusiasts globally. His influence goes beyond mere numbers, as it highlights the essential elements of perseverance, diligence, and ardor that are integral to achieving greatness in one’s career. While his statistics may be exceptional, it is his unwavering determination and genuine passion for the game that truly define his enduring legacy in cricket.

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