MS Dhoni Retire: No. 7 Jersey Won’t Be Available

The number 7 jersey of India’s World Cup winning captain MS Dhoni Retire will not be offered to any player as the BCCI has decided to retire the iconic number – According to record.

MS Dhoni Retire

MS Dhoni Retire

It has been more than three years since MS Dhoni retired from international cricket on August 15, 2020. However, he is still active in franchise cricket and is set to lead Chennai Super Kings in the upcoming season of Indian Premier League.

Dhoni led India to historic titles at the inaugural T20 World Cup as well as the 2011 ODI World Cup. The former India captain led India to all three white-ball ICC championships while wearing the number 7 shirt, and the connection between his name and the number is iconic.

Previously, Dhoni revealed that he chose the number 7 for his shirt just because it was his birthday (July 7), refuting the theory that it was his lucky number. MS Dhoni Retire.

After No.10 jersey

It will become the second jersey MS Dhoni Retire number to be retired after Sachin Tendulkar‘s iconic number 10 shirt. The legendary tennis player’s shirt number is no longer available from 2017 onwards. In 2017, BCCI officially retired the number 10 shirt of batting legend Sachin Tendulkar.

The report mentions that the BCCI has informed the national team about its decision, that the jersey numbers worn by Dhoni (7) and Tendulkar (10) will no longer be available to anyone, including debutants eye.

“Youngsters and current players of the Indian team have been asked not to choose MS Dhoni Retire number 7 jersey. The BCCI has decided to remove Dhoni’s t-shirts for his contributions to the game. New players cannot take numbers 7 and 10 that are already outside the list of available numbers”

A struggle for “symbolic” numbers.

However, in his early days with the Indian team, pacer Shardul Thakur wore the number 10 shirt for a short time. However, the shirt was removed after that he was promptly trolled by fans on social media, “Trying to be Sachin” was the trending hashtag then. In the case of shirt number 7, the BCCI acted quickly and took the shirt number away from the players.

BCCI officials also confirmed that a total of 60 numbers have now been distributed to the players of the Indian team.

“Currently, the number 60 odd is assigned to the official members of the Indian team and those in contention. So even if a player has been away from the team for a year or so, we will not give his shirt number to a new player. That means debutants only have 30 odd numbers to choose from”

Virat Kohli‘s jersey number 18 and Rohit Sharma‘s jersey number 45 are two of the most popular jersey numbers among cricket fans, who often wear these jersey numbers in any Team India match . Once these players hang up their boots, it won’t be surprising if their jerseys fold up as well.

Even at the grassroots level, there is a struggle for “symbolic” numbers. During his U-19 playing days, the country’s most promising young batsman, Shubman Gill, could not get his favorite MS Dhoni Retire No. 7 position as it was already occupied. He eventually chose the number 77 and continued with this number even after graduating to the senior team.

It is also felt that these numbers have become so iconic that those who wear them next will be under unnecessary pressure to live up to the same standards.

Earlier this year, Yashasvi Jaiswal wanted to play for India with the number 19 on his back. However, that number now belongs to Dinesh Karthik. He is inactive and not part of the national team but the numbers will be available only when Karthik retires from all forms of international cricket. Jasiwal chose number 64 when he was not given number 19.

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