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Jaipur Pink Panthers: Pink But Deadly

Jaipur Pink Panthers, a team of fierce warriors dress in pink, are ready to take down their opponents with their sheer determination and skill.

Jaipur Pink Panthers

Introduct of Jaipur Pink Panthers

The Jaipur Pink Panthers is a professional Kabaddi team that play for the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL). Established in 2014, the team mark itself as one of the very first team play for PKL, and also be the second successful franchises in the league’s history with 2 titles. Owned by actor Abhishek Bachchan, the team is known for its vibrant pink jerseys and strong performance in the matches.

The Jaipur Pink Panthers’ logo was changed once.


The first logo is the illustrator of a pink panther with the cool smile and pose with the claws on the typo. After change in 2015, the panther was changed its pose, now it stand straight and cross the arms, still keep the cool smile. The typo changed a little to look more fit with the panther.

Jaipur Pink Panthers' Logo
Jaipur Pink Panthers’ Logo

The Official Theme and Color

The pink color and panther are integral parts of Jaipur Pink Panther brand identity.

The pink color represents their unique identity and stands out among other teams in the league, symbolizing passion, energy and skills. The selection of pink color showed their vision to challenge traditional norms and bring about a change in the sports industry.

The Panther represents strength, agility, and fast moves, reflecting the team’s strategy of attacking and overpower their opponents in any matches.

The choice of official theme and color has a significant impact on the fans, created a sense of pride and unity among the fans. The pink jerseys adorned by the players during matches foster a strong fan base and encourage their loyal support.


The First triumph

In the inaugural season of the Pro Kabaddi League, the Jaipur Pink Panthers finished the league as the very first champions, set the tone for their future. Under the led of Navneet Gautam, the team showed their skill, determination, and cohesive gameplay to secure the First PKL title of the league.


Second most successful team

Over the years, the Jaipur Pink Panthers have maintained a consistently impressive record in the league, become the second most successful team in the PKL history. With their astute strategy and exceptional execution, the team was reached the playoffs and qualified for the knockout stages for many season.

Unforgettable Moments

The Jaipur Pink Panthers left many unforgettable moments in the league’s history. From their thrilling home matches, where the arena resonates with the cheers of their fans, to their intense rivalries with teams like the Bengal Warriors and the Puneri Paltan, every match that have the Pink Panthers is filled with excitement and anticipation.

The Journey of Jaipur Pink Panthers in Pro Kabaddi League

Impressive debut

In the very first season of Pro Kabaddi League, the Pink Panthers debut as a dominate team. With 10 wining match and only 3 lose, they beat U Mumba to became the very first Champion of the League.

Season 2 + 3

Unfortunately, Jaipur Pink Panther couldn’t defended their title in this season. With the developed of every opponents, their finished the league at 5th position at Season 2 and 6th position at season 3. and could not played the Playoff Stage.

Season 4

There are some improvement of the team, the Pink Panthers finished the league as the Runner-up and stand top 3rd.

Season 5 + 6 + 7 + 8

These season marked the terrible times for the Jaipur Pink Panthers. They played with their worst form and couldn’t even qualified to the eliminators.

Season 9

The most emotional season for Jaipur Pink Panthers and their fans. Like the hunger panthers, they showcased their best form, satisfied their fan with the beautiful moments when they raised the Trophy after many seasons of fails.

Current squad

Jaipur Pink Panthers current squad (27/1/2024): Sunil-Kumar (C), Lucky Sharma, Reza Mirbagheri, Ankush Jr, Devank, Ashish Jagat Birwal, Amir Mohammad Maleki, Lavish, Akshaykumar Soni, Navneet, Abhijeet Malik, B Shashank, Sumit Malik, Bhavani Rajput, Abhishek KS, Arjun Deshwal, V Ajith Kumar, Shaul Kumar, Rahul Chaudhari.


The Jaipur Pink Panthers are a formidable kabaddi team, champions of the Pro Kabaddi League, showcasing their skill, determination, and team spirit. They have also made a positive impact off the field, engaging with fans and promoting kabaddi across the nation, inspiring a new generation of players and igniting a passion for the sport.

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