India Semi-Final Match World Cup 2023 Can Be Washed Out

India, Australia and South Africa are the cricket teams surely entered the semi-final in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. The Fourth Team to join the semi-final is one of New Zealand, Pakistan and Afghanistan, which New Zealand have a higher chance than the other. India semi-final match with the Fourth team will start at November 15, held on Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

India Semi-Final Match

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Semi-final

By winning all eight matches, India are certain to take the top spot in the group stage regardless of the result of their final match against the Netherlands on Sunday. India semi-final match is the first match in ICC World Cup 2023 semi-final, their opponent are one of New Zealand or Pakistan.

In this time, New Zealand are in top 4 on the Point table, they still one more match to go to the semi, and with no chance for them to reach top 3st, but by now, they have a great chance to be a last team join and face India semi-final match.


In fact, Pakistan still has a chance to challenge New Zealand to win a ticket to the semi-finals, but it’s almost a mission impossible for them when they must win by a score of far away in their next match against England to have a better net run rate than New Zealand.

South Africa is currently ranked 2nd with 14 points after their 7 wins group stage, next is Australia with 12 points and stand at rank 3rd. However, the Australia national cricket team will have a chance to reach to top 2nd by beating Bangladesh by a wide margin in their last match to have a better net run rate than South Africa. So that could affected in the semi-final match – The match between South Africa and Australia will be washed out.

The fourth team to join the semi

New Zealand almost sure about their semi-final spot with a five-wicket win over Sri Lanka in their last match in Bengaluru on Thursday, ending their losing streak of four. They showed a dominant performance by chasing down their opponent by 174 runs with a whopping 160 balls to spare.

That’s mean the 1992 champions, Pakistan will need to achieve the unattainable. They need to win their next match by margin of at least 287 runs, of dismiss their opponent for 50 runs and chase the target in 2 overs or 100 runs in three over.

India Semi-final match might be washed out

The semi-final match might be washed out because of rain. However, extra arrangements will be made for matches in case of rain by the reserve date. But there is still a chance that rain on reserve day will prevent the match from taking place. If the second case occurs, there are regulations.

The rule in that case stipulated that the team that finished higher on point table during the tournament phase would advance to the final. According to the rule, if the India semi-final match can’t be played because of rain, India will still enter the final. Similarly with the South Africa vs Australia match, the 2nd ranked team in point table will advance to the final in case their semi-final match have been washed out.



By the way, India semi-final match will be held at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, where the chances of rain are very low this November, and the match against New Zealand is truly a match worth waiting for. Previously, India had reached the semi-finals many times but was defeated by New Zealand in the India semi-finals with a record of 8 consecutive wins and no loss, and they also defeated New Zealand in the group stage. Can India national cricket team change its victory in this semi-final?

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