ODI World Cup History The Battle for the Highest Run Scorer

The ODI World Cup stands as the ultimate competition in one-day international (ODI) cricket, bringing together the finest teams from across the globe to vie for dominance. Within the pursuit of the highly sought-after trophy, a parallel contest unfolds—one that revolves around achieving the highest individual run tally in the history of the ODI World Cup. Within this piece, we will delve into the rich archives of cricketing lore, shedding light on the accomplished batsmen who have etched their names through their exceptional batting performances in this esteemed tournament.

 Sachin Tendulkar holds the record for scoring 2

In the realm of One Day International (ODI) cricket records, Sachin Tendulkar, fondly known as the Little Master, consistently shines. Throughout his World Cup career, which encompassed six editions between 1992 and 2011, Tendulkar emerges as the ultimate record-holder in terms of runs scored. His remarkable ability to execute exquisite strokes, impeccable timing, and unwavering reliability established him as an indomitable presence in the game.


The batsmen participating in the ODI World Cup have brought immense excitement to the tournament with their distinctive batting styles and remarkable contributions.

2. Ricky Ponting has amassed a total of 1,

Ricky Ponting, the Australian captain, is also a renowned figure in the World Cup chronicles. With his aggressive approach to batting and exceptional leadership skills, he proved to be a formidable adversary. Ponting played crucial roles in Australia’s triumphs in the 2003 and 2007 World Cups, showcasing effortless run accumulation.

Kumar Sangakkara scored an impressive total of 1,532 runs.

Kumar Sangakkara, the graceful southpaw from Sri Lanka, exhibited his outstanding skill and refinement during ODI World Cup competitions. By scoring four back-to-back hundreds in the 2015 World Cup, he displayed his capacity to overpower even the most formidable bowlers in the world. Sangakkara’s invaluable contributions played a crucial role in guiding Sri Lanka to the final of that illustrious tournament.

Brian Lara scored a total of 1,225 runs.

Brian Lara, a renowned figure in West Indian cricket, may not have experienced the joy of winning the World Cup, but his exceptional batting skills left an unforgettable impression. Lara’s talent for executing exquisite shots and guiding innings secured him a prominent position among the highest run-scorers in the history of the ODI World Cup.


AB de Villiers amassed a total of 1,207 runs.

AB de Villiers, commonly known as Mr. 360 due to his adeptness at hitting shots in every direction, had a noteworthy influence on the global stage of the ODI World Cup. The dynamic batting skills and inventive gameplay of the South African cricket prodigy greatly pleased the spectators. For a short duration, he held the record for the quickest hundred in the history of the ODI World Cup

6. Chris Gayle (1,186 runs)

Chris Gayle, popularly known as the “Universe Boss,” has gained fame for his ability to effortlessly hit massive sixes and wreak havoc on the opposition’s bowling attack. Throughout various World Cup tournaments, Gayle’s remarkable batting prowess has left an indelible mark. His imposing presence at the crease has significantly contributed to the West Indies’ success in past World Cup campaigns.

7. Jacques Kallis (1,158 Runs)

Jacques Kallis secured a total of

Jacques Kallis, the South African cricket player renowned for his exceptional skills in batting and bowling, proved to be a formidable presence on the field. Throughout his career, Kallis demonstrated his versatility as an all-rounder in various World Cup matches. His invaluable contributions played a significant part in South Africa’s campaigns, leaving behind a lasting impact and a remarkable legacy.

Adam Gilchrist scored a total of 1,085 runs.

Adam Gilchrist, the Australian wicketkeeper-batsman, revolutionized the position of the wicketkeeper-batsman in One Day International (ODI) cricket. With his attacking approach to batting as an opener, he consistently gave Australia explosive beginnings. Gilchrist’s crucial contributions in several ODI World Cup triumphs proved instrumental to his team’s success.

9. Mark Waugh accumulated 1,004 runs.

Mark Waugh, who was one of the renowned Waugh twins hailing from Australia, gained recognition for his stylish and graceful playing style. He played a key role in Australia’s victorious campaigns in the 1999 and 2003 World Cups by showcasing his impeccable batting skills. Waugh’s extraordinary talent in maneuvering the ball and perfectly timing his shots made him a prolific scorer.

Mahela Jayawardene has scored a total of 1,002 runs.

Mahela Jayawardene, the highly skilled Sri Lankan batsman, completes the roster of players who have achieved the impressive milestone of scoring over 1,000 runs in the history of the ODI World Cup. Jayawardene’s remarkable talent for performing well in high-pressure situations and important championship matches has left a lasting impact on the legacy of Sri Lankan cricket.

Their exceptional performances on the grand stage of ODI cricket have earned them a place in the cricketing legends’ hall of fame, leaving fans mesmerized by their batting prowess. As the ICC Cricket World Cup progresses in the future, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the emergence of new contenders who could potentially join this esteemed group of high-scoring players, further enriching the historical fabric of the World Cup.

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